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Research & Publications

Current Work

Herry, A., Smith, P., & Malcolm, B. COVID-19, stress, and religious coping in Grenada.

Malcolm, B. My blackness, my coloredness, my story.

Malcolm, B., & Harmon, D. M. Equitizing higher education student support: Toward operational inclusive intersectionality.

Malcolm, B., & Herry, A. Closing the gap: Mental health support for transgender and nonbinary language learners.

Malcolm, B., & Walker, D. Character strengths and posttraumatic growth in a Caribbean fitness and wellness community.

Malcolm, B., Walker, D, Hagley, Z, & De Riggs, C. Religion, moral anger, and forgiveness: An exploration of Caribbean perspectives.

Malcolm, B., & Zweizig, D. Student affairs practitioners’ understanding of self within the institutional context.


Published Work

Herry, A., Greer, D., Malcolm, B., & Sagner, E. (2024). Navigating the binaries: Lived experiences from a Caribbean transgender & gender nonconforming group. SAGE Advance. Preprint.

Malcolm, B. (2022). Being authentic. Kappa Delta Pi Record, 58(4), 192.


Walker, D., & Malcolm, B. (2022). Learning strategists’ use of LASSI at St. George’s University. LASSI-in-Action.

Walker, D., & Malcolm, B. (2022). Synthesis of literature on effective educator practices in the online setting: Perspectives from a Caribbean higher education context through university pedagogy. Journal of Research Initiatives, 6(3), 1-29.

Malcolm, B. (2021). From awareness to action: A culturally relevant framework for greater representation of the LGBTQ+ community. American College of Education Diversity and Inclusion Newsletter: Winter 2021: From Awareness to Action.

Malcolm, B. (2021). The self and authentic leadership: Developing a conceptual framework from a self psychology perspective. ResearchGate.

Posters & Presentations

Malcolm, B. Connected learning: A dual reflexive pedagogical identity. Poster presentation at: International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS). June 10-14, 2024; Buffalo, NY. (accepted)

Malcolm, B. Critical love theory: Rethinking social justice through a relational identity. Poster presentation at: The Love Consortium (TLC) Conference. May 15-18, 2024; Chapel Hill, NC. (accepted)

Malcolm, B., & Malcolm, B. Anglophone Caribbean creole: Rethinking equity through a sociolinguistic analysis. Poster and presentation at: Peralta Online Equity Conference; April 29-May 1, 2024; Oakland, CA. (accepted)

Malcolm, B., & Walker, D. Our identity: Disrupting leadership as a form of equity. Poster and presentation at: Peralta Online Equity Conference; April 29-May 1, 2024; Oakland, CA. (accepted)

Malcolm, B. Dismantling oppressive systems: A nonbinary’s access to sex at a PWI. Presentation at: Central Pennsylvania Consortium Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Conference; April 6, 2024; Gettysburg, PA.

Malcolm, B. The intersections that be: A journey of power and agency. Presentation at: First Generation Student Support Summit; April 3, 2024; University Park, PA.

Malcolm, B. The self and leadership: A framework from a self psychology perspective. Poster presentation at: Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) Annual Convention; February 7-10, 2024; San Diego, CA.

Malcolm, B., Walker, D., & Malcolm, B. Critical multiculturalism for diversity, equity, and inclusion: Intersectionality in language and technology. Poster and presentation at: Peralta Online Equity Conference; April 26-28, 2023; Oakland, CA.

Malcolm, B., & Walker, D. Diversity, equity, and inclusion: Infusing positive psychology with learning theory. Table-talk at: Medical Education Learning Specialists (MELS) Annual Meeting; November 11, 2022; Nashville, TN.

Malcolm, B., & Walker, D. Using lessons from the pandemic to promote equity in medical education. Poster and presentation at: Peralta Online Equity Conference; April 27-29, 2022; Oakland, CA.

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